Hi! I'm Megan and I am close to a life-long resident of Regina, after getting my start in Moose Jaw. Growing up in this city, there is always that talk about there being "nothing to do". Those words have inspired me in my work life to help plan and support events to show people how much there is to do. RFF is one of those great Regina events that I have been happy to support and see grow.

In the past few months, I have found my musical tastes resting in the "Throwback Thursday" category. Nostalgia has been a strong feeling as we watch the world change and it's been great to travel down musical memory lane.

"Jump" by Kris Kross - Reason: This song makes me think of road trips with friends in University and mixtapes - not CDs, tapes.

"Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" by Backstreet Boys - Reason: One of my first road trips to a concert was to the BSB show in Saskatoon in 1998. This song brings back amazing memories of sleeping on the sidewalk to even get the tickets, caravan-ing up the #6 in a Dodge Caravan and screaming our lungs out to those hunky boys and their dance moves.

"Step by Step" by New Kids On The Block - Reason: Another Boy Band Road Trip. This time it was to Minneapolis to see the supergroup New Kids and the Backstreet Boys. Mr. Shue from Glee was the opening act too.

I'm 6 years old and have been to folk fest with my dad!

These are songs I like right now!

"The Eagle has Landed" by Avatar - Reason: I like heavy metal.

"Look It Here" by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - Reason: We have a record and dance to this band.

"Centipede" by Knife Party - Reason: I like it so much.

"Reckless Paradise" by Billy Talent - Reason: There is a motorcycle on the cover.

"Try Again" by Andy Shauf - Reason: I like it and it has the city in it

"Help Me Stranger" by The Raconteurs - Reason: Cause!


TD is a proud sponsor of the RFF!

The TD playlists are the favourite songs of TD employees living in Regina, Yorkton, and Saskatoon. They look forward to attending the RFF each year and are happy to be part of the creative virtual and physical distancing events this year.

  • "One Of Them Girls" by Lee Brice - Reason: Our favourites!!
  • "Keep Up" by RaeLynn - Reason: It's awesome.
  • "Like A Man" by Dallas Smith - Reason: He's an awesome artist.
  • "For My Money" by Brandon Lay - Reason: (We're a bank)
  • "Why We Drink" by Justin Moore - Reason: It's summer ;)
  • "Whiskey Glasses" by Morgan Wallen - Reason: It's fun!

I host a talk show with my co-host called Rhythm and Gist on CJTR 91.3 FM. A volunteer emcee for RFF every year.

These are tunes for bright days, hope, love and pure happiness all in one playlist.

  • "Sweet Love" by LOTi - Reason: It’s relaxing and chill
  • "Together" by Davy Sage - Reason: It talks about love, togetherness, and how the world would be a better place.
  • "Fleeting" by TOVA, Tami - Reason: It’s clean and sounds different.
  • "On My Heart" by Frances Sia - Reason: The song could put you to sleep in a good way.
  • "Your Love" by Davy Sage - Reason: Makes you love the word love.
  • "S2bu" by Angeline - Reason: When you listen to the song, you would value your relationship. 

My name is Josh Haugerud and I am the interim Executive Director of the Regina Folk Festival. I have been fortunate to be involved in this festival in a few different roles and look forward to the event every year. Here are some songs I have been listening to lately.

  • "Daegan Harper" by Doubt it - Reason: Fun band and the song is named after one of my favourite people!
  • "Hypnodancer" by Little Big - Reason: This band reminds me of aqua, but updated for 2020. Their music videos are amazing.
  • "Dark Days" by Pup - Reason: One of my fav bands!
  • "SOS" by The Jerry Cans - Reason: Love this band, they are so fun to see live!
  • "Summertime" by Orville Peck - Reason: I saw Orville Peck on It's Alive with Brad Leone and the music just stuck with me.
  • "Land Back" by A Tribe Called Red - Reason: Political dance music.

The staff of the RFF got together and created our dream festival draft. We each took turns to build the best festival we could imagine. It didn’t matter if the band was together, touring, alive, out of our budget, not allowed in the country, or just plain unavailable. This is the dream.

You may also notice that there are more than the typical ~30 artists we bring to Regina. We figured that our dream festival maybe is longer than three days and have 50+ artists.

Most of the playlist is family-friendly but some artists use profane language and discuss some tough subjects.


Step back in time with us this festival weekend! Each of the below playlists features past RFF artists! 

I've been a volunteer emcee for the CBC Saskatchewan sponsored Sunlit Stage for several years. Now, I am officially an employee of CBC and we've been a proud sponsor of RFF and RFF related events (such as Winterruption) for many, many years!

LEFT -of- CENTER: Artists taking a unique approach to their craft and music. A playlist for when you just feel like something different or for when you need yet another super fun party band fix!

  • "Kolomyjka" by Lemon Bucket Orchestra - Reason: Gogol Bordello lit the fuse for everyone's fascination with guerrilla-folk party-punk, Toronto's Lemon Bucket Orchestra is now fanning those flames and has become one of those "You gotta hear this!"/"You gotta see this!" bands.
  • "I Hate Reaching Out" by Zann Foth - Reason: I first heard of Saskatoon's Zann Foth when they played a Facebook Live set, as part of, the SaskMusic Open House concert series. Mesmerizing from start-to-finish.
  • "Western Swing & Waltzes" by Colter Wall - Reason: By now, we're all aware of this Swift Current artist with a passion for traditional country and a gift for songwriting. His signature baritone catches your attention but his songs and stories keep it. His latest single (off his upcoming August 28 album) is a masterclass in branding (literally once you see the album art) and showcasing your influences. On top, if it all, this upcoming album also features a deep cut from a relatively unknown Saskatchewan cowboy poet/bull rider from Abbey, Saskatchewan.
  • "Three Yanks" by The Western Senators - Reason: Does YOUR City have a Grammy-nominated Cleveland style polka band with over 40 years under their belt, a hit TV show and countless shows alongside Canada's King of Polka Walter Ostanek? Mine does :P This song is the band's way of paying tribute to America's King of Polka, Frankie Yankovic.
  • "Plastic Hamburgers" by Fantastic Negrito - Reason: A new single from a pioneer in genre-bending blues, hip hop, rock, folk, and funk. Full of swagger and style, it's much more than lyrics and chords for Fantastic Negrito.

I work in Quality Improvement at Ranch Ehrlo Society, where I coordinate the accreditation process, assist in drafting policies and procedures, and facilitate ongoing improvement initiatives for residential, clinical education and community programs for at-risk youth, adults and families. I am also currently completing a Master's degree in Administration at the University of Regina, having previously completed a degree in Psychology and an Education degree. I have volunteered with the RFF for the last 10 years, mostly in the Children's Area. In 2019, I was the Children's Area Team Lead. It's one of my favourite events in the city. I love to paint, sing ,dance, attend concerts, and travel.

This list is of older songs from 1990's/2000's I have always loved.

  • “Call and Answer” by Barenaked Ladies - Reason: They're just cool!
  •  “Selling the Drama” by Live - Reason: It reminds me of high school.
  • “Any Day Now” by The Watchmen - Reason: A fabulous Canadian band that is stellar live.
  • “Babylon” by David Gray - Reason: A smooth and cool jam.
  • “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn - Reason: One of my favourite songs. Makes me think of my time spent in the southern United States, specifically Tennessee and Louisiana.
  • “Hurts to Love You” by The Philosopher Kings - Reason: Met them many years ago while they were playing at The State in Regina. They were the nicest group and so talented. Love their cool and sassy tunes.

I’ve been volunteering at RFF since 2012, a member of the merch team since 2013, and was looking forward to my first year as a team co-lead at the 2020 festival. I’ve made so many lifelong friends, have a delightful catalog of memories (most of which seem to include wild weather), and I end up spending my birthday at the festival more times than not.

These are a handful of my favourite songs, that don’t have much in common besides the fact that I like them all. I made this playlist while setting up a batch of sourdough, so perhaps they’ll liven up others’ quarantine baking routines.

  • “Ohio is for Lovers” by Lucy Wainwright Roche - Reason: I’ve been a fan of Rufus Wainwright since I was a kid and started to listen to his sisters a few years ago. This song on Lucy Wainwright Roche’s 2018 album Little Beast caught my eye because I initially thought it was a cover of one of my favourite Hawthorne Heights songs (Yes, I just called myself out as a former emo kid). Though it turned out to be its own song entirely, the haunting, heartbreaking vocals stuck with me and quickly became one of my faves by Lucy.
  • “Ladybird” by Mappe Of - Reason: This song just feels like a sunny summer day. It invokes a sense of whimsy and folksy magic with elements that layer and build upon each other until it reaches a beautiful crescendo that makes me smile every time this pops up on my playlist. I stumbled across this artist thanks to a Spotify recommendation and I’m hooked.
  • “The Unforgotten” by iskwē with Tanya Tagaq - Reason: Both Tanya Tagaq and iskwē are among my absolute favourites and have such an incredible stage presence. They both blew my mind during their recent performances at the RFF. Additionally, my kids LOVE this song after singing it at school, so it’s on a pretty steady rotation in our house.
  • “When I’m Over You” by LP - Reason: Who isn’t obsessed with LP right now, honestly? Her voice is perfection and her songs are honest and accessible. I could have chosen a dozen LP songs alone but chose this one from her 2018 album Heart to Mouth because of its absolutely dreamy vocals (I also adore the orange suit she wears on the album cover).
  • “Bluebird” by Pokey LaFarge - Reason: When Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three played the festival in 2012 they blew my mind and I’ve been a fan ever since. Dancing into the wee hours of the night when he played at the volunteer after party is one of my favourite birthday and festival memories. His new album Rock Bottom Rhapsody dropped in April and it’s sensational! A little more sophisticated, raw, and emotional than his earlier work, this album maintains that old timey jazz feel that I fell in love with and has quickly become my new favourite.

I have been attending the Regina Folk Festival since I moved to Regina in 2015. My favourite part is the free daytime stages! In the summer of 2019, I was a summer student with RFF working as Production Assistant. Best summer ever! Currently, I am the Volunteer Coordinator for RFF, and loving it.

This is a playlist for summertime! It's a collection of songs that have been anthems for me in summers past, as well as a few that I predict will define my 2020 summer. Pop on some sunglasses and sunscreen, and enjoy!

  • "Offsale Gin" by Megan Nash - Reason: No matter what mood I am in, this song always makes me want to get up and dance. It makes me think of hot summer days at Gateway Music Festival, drinking Hey Y’alls and being with the best of friends.
  • "Wear Sunscreen" by Peach Pyramid - Reason: This song feels like being at the beach! Imagine colourful umbrellas, clear skies, and sand in your toes. And also it serves as a great reminder to wear sunscreen. Perfect combo!
  • "Danceboy.Exe" by The Moon Runners - Reason: Some of my favourite summer 2019 memories are watching the Moon Runners play live and being a part of the energetic atmosphere they create. It's impossible not to bop along while listening! This song pairs well with pizza and friends.
  • "Danceland (Come With Me)" by The Garrys - Reason: It doesn't get more summery than this! This song has a surfy nostalgia that reminds me of high school and ALMOST makes me miss being a teenager. Almost.
  • "Fleeting" by Khari Wendell McClelland - Reason: This one doesn't necessarily fit into the summer anthem theme, but it has been in repeat in my house for weeks. Khari Wendell McClelland was one of the artists that I was most looking forward to seeing this summer. To make up for it, I'll be listening to his music all summer and sharing his music with anyone who will listen!
  • "Girl, It's Your Time" by Vivek Shraya and Queer Songbook Orchestra - Reason: This song is both empowering and inspiring. My energy is highest in the summertime, and this music helps fuel me even more. The lyrics in this song are words to live by!