I have been attending the Regina Folk Festival since I moved to Regina in 2015. My favourite part is the free daytime stages! In the summer of 2019, I was a summer student with RFF working as Production Assistant. Best summer ever! Currently, I am the Volunteer Coordinator for RFF, and loving it.

This is a playlist for summertime! It's a collection of songs that have been anthems for me in summers past, as well as a few that I predict will define my 2020 summer. Pop on some sunglasses and sunscreen, and enjoy!

  • "Offsale Gin" by Megan Nash - Reason: No matter what mood I am in, this song always makes me want to get up and dance. It makes me think of hot summer days at Gateway Music Festival, drinking Hey Y’alls and being with the best of friends.
  • "Wear Sunscreen" by Peach Pyramid - Reason: This song feels like being at the beach! Imagine colourful umbrellas, clear skies, and sand in your toes. And also it serves as a great reminder to wear sunscreen. Perfect combo!
  • "Danceboy.Exe" by The Moon Runners - Reason: Some of my favourite summer 2019 memories are watching the Moon Runners play live and being a part of the energetic atmosphere they create. It's impossible not to bop along while listening! This song pairs well with pizza and friends.
  • "Danceland (Come With Me)" by The Garrys - Reason: It doesn't get more summery than this! This song has a surfy nostalgia that reminds me of high school and ALMOST makes me miss being a teenager. Almost.
  • "Fleeting" by Khari Wendell McClelland - Reason: This one doesn't necessarily fit into the summer anthem theme, but it has been in repeat in my house for weeks. Khari Wendell McClelland was one of the artists that I was most looking forward to seeing this summer. To make up for it, I'll be listening to his music all summer and sharing his music with anyone who will listen!
  • "Girl, It's Your Time" by Vivek Shraya and Queer Songbook Orchestra - Reason: This song is both empowering and inspiring. My energy is highest in the summertime, and this music helps fuel me even more. The lyrics in this song are words to live by!

Regina Folk Festival 2020. Stay home.