August  9-11

Victoria Park

World Water Day

March 22nd, 2018

Did you know that the Regina Folk Festival does not buy plastic water bottles for its artists (or anyone else)?  Plastic water bottles have become ubiquitous items on stages and in green rooms across the world as well as in our homes, but there are serious environmental drawbacks.

  • The production of a bottle uses massive amounts of oil and clean water.
  • Plastic water bottles contain dangerous chemicals that are linked to negative health outcomes.
  • The long-lasting waste of disposed bottles themselves.

We are so lucky and thankful that we have access to safe water here in Regina – not everyone, even in Canada, has this luxury. The Regina Folk Festival gives its artists pre-filled stainless steel bottles that are re-used and cherished. We are also proud to provide fresh, clean water from our city at our water stations for all to enjoy. Happy World Water Day! 

Regina Folk Festival 2019. Be there.