August  7-9

Victoria Park

It's a scorcher

August 9th, 2018

The forecast for this weekend is looking pretty hot with highs ranging from 34C to 38C.

We are taking some measures to ensure everyone is as comfortable and safe as possible.

  • 3 water tanks around site for drinking water and we'll add a whole bunch of ice; please refill your bottles as much as you need!
  • we've supplied all volunteer areas with spray bottles; go get misted!
  • we're creating a mist tent near the food vendors (on the grass); take a tour through!
  • we've added extra shade to Stage 1, our waste stations, and the Daytime Beer Gardens
  • our First Aid tent is prepared to welcome people to lay down and will have cool washcloths
  • our artists will be treated to extra fans, ice water, air conditioners
  • our MCs will remind y'all to listen to your bodies and take breaks & drink water
  • wear a hat, bring an umbrella, take care of you!

Enjoy the festival!


Regina Folk Festival 2020. Be there.