August  9-11

Victoria Park

Femme as Folk

July 9th, 2018

A full 61% of this year's lineup is fronted by a feminine or a non-binary artist. While gender is only a part of an artist's identity, and not the reason to book anybody, we thought it worthwhile to point out this awesome balance.

Included in this sweet 61% Femme AF lineup, are some super talented and inspiring women and non-binary folks. Tanya Tagaq 's intense, evocative vocalizations are something every human should hear for themselves. Neko Case stands for fierce independence. The narratives embedded in her latest album, Hell-on, are "a waltz of deep forces, irresistible as gravity, that refuse to be leashed or controlled ("You'll not be my master / You're barely my guest"). 



This year, Eekwol and T-Rhyme are teaming up for festival performances; both these hip-hop musicians are excelling in a male-dominated genre. Eekwol uses her music as a platform to spread messages of resistance, revolution and keeping the language, land and culture alive for the next generations. T-Rhyme showcases pride in her roots while smashing the patriarchy.



Regina Folk Festival 2019. Be there.