August  9-11


In Memory of Jeannie

January 9th, 2018

Jeannie Straub and her husband, Sean Flotre, were in a car accident in BC as they were driving home to Regina for the holidays. Jeannie and their dog, Opie, were killed at the scene. Sean survived with serious injuries and is recovering well. 

Jeannie worked with the Regina Folk Festival for a number of years in a time of critical growth for the organization. Her title was Manager of Operations and Marketing or sometimes Operations and Marketing Manager. It was always a joke that the acronym was MOM or OMM. She masterfully wielded a wide variety of areas: marketing, design, communications, volunteer management, concert production, and many more. She was integral in the move from the small grassroots festival that RFF started out as to the premier summer festival in Regina it has become. During her time with RFF, the festival grew in scale and sophistication.

Jeannie had a tremendous aesthetic gift that held roots in action. To put it crassly (which she always favoured), she simply and beautifully just got shit done. We’ve put together a small sample of some of the artwork she created to share and shape the Regina Folk Festival. We hope you enjoy it.

Jeannie was also a connector. She brought people together. Our festival team, many of whom worked with her years ago, can attest to this. To those of you who are mourning and feeling this deep loss, we offer our condolences and love.

Jeannie Straub, you will be missed.

Regina Folk Festival 2018. Be there.