August  7-9

Victoria Park

Annual General Meeting

March 5th, 2014

April 9, 2014 at 7:30pm Globe Theatre Board Room

1801 Scarth Street - 4th Floor

The board and staff of Regina Folk Festival Inc. invite you to join us as we reflect on the successes of 2013 and our direction moving forward into the new fiscal year.

If you would like to vote at the AGM, you are required to be a member. If your membership has expired, please arrive early to renew it. If you are uncertain of your membership status, we will happy to advise you on April 9th, prior to the meeting. The cost of a RFF Inc. membership is $15 or 15 hours of volunteerism. If you volunteered in 2013 at the festival, on the board or at more than one RFF Concert Series event, you have earned a membership, which expires at the end of July 2014.

The Regina Folk Festival Inc. strives to maintain a healthy and sustainable organization while also moving ahead with confidence, clear purpose and vision. We invite you to come and reflect on the remarkable accomplishments of last year and help us plan for continued success in the future.

Regina Folk Festival 2020. Be there.