August  6-8, 2021

Victoria Park

RFF's Statement on COVID-19

April 1st, 2020

Hi! Hello. Good day.


In the midst of doom scrolling and baking sourdough bread and just really appreciating our kids’ regular caregivers, we are planning this year’s festival! Things are obviously changing quickly and often. We are trying our best to stay in the here and now. And right now, we’re working from home and we’re planning an amazing festival for you.


We are living with a lot of questions. We are waiting with all the rest of you to find out when we will be able to gather together. If we hold the festival, how can we make it as safe as possible for those attending, volunteering, and performing? If restrictions are lifted, is it responsible to gather in our regular numbers? Do we postpone the festival? Do we cancel? Do we take the performances online? Do we do some combination of all of them? Do we just focus on just getting really, really good at making sourdough bread?


We are planning the festival. We are doing risk assessments. We are working with our community including volunteers, funders, sponsors, vendors, and other festivals. We are still planning on launching the lineup in April. We want to make sure that we are honouring community health and safety. We are not sure if our starter should smell like this.


Thank you for waiting with us. Thank you to Zoom for helping us to meet (shout out to fun hat day!). Thank you to all the folks who have reached out to see how we’re doing. Thank you to the healthcare professionals, grocery store employees, and delivery/restaurant staff who are keeping us healthy and safe. Thank you to our neighbours for dropping off bread when ours does not come out right.


We are so grateful to be healthy and working from home. We can wait to get together if it means that more of us can do so safely.


In the meantime, if you’re able to,


Stay the folk at home.