August 10th, 2019

The Dohs and Don'ts: Obscured Narratives

Queer Songbook Orchestra, Aleksi Campagne Band, Sofia Viola, The WON'Ts

11:30AM - 12:45PM

+ -

RFF 50th Anniversary Choir directed by Megan & Jenna Nash co-presented with support by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, SGEU, and SUN

Megan and Jenna Nash

1:05PM - 1:55PM

+ -

Saskatchewan Gold Rush: Local Treasures

Queer Songbook Orchestra, Anna Haverstock, The WON'Ts, Shawn Jobin

2:40PM - 3:50PM

+ -

Freeze, Melt, Boil

Quantum Tangle, Connie Kaldor, Sofia Viola, Heather Bishop

4:15PM - 5:20PM

+ -

August 11th, 2019

Waking Up with Wild Oatmeal (and other food stories)

Connie Kaldor, Folle Avoine, Les Barricades, Aleksi Campagne Band

11:30AM - 12:30PM

+ -

Salted Salamanders (and other prairie family stories) co-presented by The Artesian

Megan and Jenna Nash, Anna Haverstock, The North Sound

12:50PM - 2:00PM

+ -

These Roots are Made for Talking: Story Songs

The Dead South, Connie Kaldor, Les Barricades, Celeigh Cardinal

2:30PM - 3:45PM

+ -

Quantum Tangle

4:05PM - 5:20PM

+ -

Regina Folk Festival 2019. Be there.