Mackenzie Art Gallery

This summer the MacKenzie Art Gallery is celebrating the artwork of Victor Cicansky this summer with his retrospective Victor Cicansky: The Gardener’s Universe. In this hands-on workshop, artist Nicole Little will explore themes in both Cicansky’s and her own work, both caring deeply about the environment.  “We need to do even more to mitigate the negative impact our species has on the environment and wildlife,” Cicansky stated in his recent book, Up From the Garlic Flats. One of Cicansky’s primary approaches to tackling this issue is to re-engage Saskatchewan people with the notion of growing gardens in urban environments.  Nicole Little will continue Cicansky’s direction and help people re-connect with the beauty of the plants and animals in the ever-dwindling natural prairie landscape.

Nicole will be creating a series of ‘contemplation stations’, incorporating both living plants and ceramics. Participants will have the opportunity to respond through poetry, paintings, and drawing. This workshop will unite communities and inspire us all by the beauty of native prairie landscapes, encouraging us to think further about the preservation of this ecosystem.

About Nicole Little:

I am a low-fire ceramic artist from Regina, Saskatchewan who is intrigued by our relationships with our natural environments, the intricate details of nature, and our hopeful but often flawed ideas for a better world.  My work is primarily non-functional or semi-functional, consisting mostly of small-scale sculptures with intricate and detailed surfaces.  I also work in the world of Arts Education.  I enjoy exploring how people relate to artwork and what it inspires them to create themselves.

-Nicole Little

Regina Folk Festival 2019. Be there.