Towards an Accessible Festival

The Regina Folk Festival is committed to providing a meaningful experience for all guests. The content below provides general information about some of the accessibility policies and site logistics for the festival. We hope that this will help you plan for a fantastic festival experience! If anything is missing or if you have any questions, please email us or call us at 306-757-0308. You can call this number before or during the festival for assistance.


The Regina Folk Festival is held annually in Victoria Park. There are sloped ramps onto sidewalks at all major intersections that lead to paved paths in the park. The Main Stage and Sunlit Stages 1 & 2 are located on grass, while Stage 3 is held on the paved 1800 of Scarth Street. Our Arts Market and Food Court (“Vendor Town”) is held on City Square Plaza.  


Caregivers and support workers may attend RFF for free. Please email, call us at 306-757-0308, or visit the box office on site if a support worker will be coming with you. Support workers are required to bring their own seating or talk to our Ambassador Team to locate a chair. Support workers are welcome to sit in the designated accessible areas. Service animals are welcome throughout Victoria Park, our festival site.


We have priority seating in our Main Stage area for people with mobility aides or who otherwise need extra assistance getting seated. Our Ambassadors will open up seating the folks with these needs prior to the rest of the line and there are designated places (just off the sidewalks) that are set aside for folks who need it. See our seating map or talk to one of our Ambassadors (at the Info Booth) for more information.

Sunlit Stages (Daytime programming) 

Sunlit Stage 1: There are many options for seating at this stage, which is located in the South-West corner of the park, across from Knox Met United Church. If you find that the options are not appropriate for your needs, please feel free to speak to one of our Ambassadors.  

Sunlit Stage 2: This stage tends to be very busy and we have received feedback that finding seating with a wheelchair has been difficult or impossible. In 2019, there will be an area directly in front of the sound booth that will be set aside specifically for mobility needs. This area will connect to the cement pathway and have flooring.  

Sunlit Stage 3: This stage is located at the north end of 1800 block Scarth Street, directly in front of the Globe Theatre entrance and Beer Brothers. Chairs are provided at this stage, and the area is fully paved.  


In addition to the main paved pathways, there are some grass pathways used throughout the site. We check these pathways with a wheelchair prior to the festival to ensure they are passable. If conditions become muddy or wet, we will also ensure that additional flooring or options are provided. Also note that there are many alternative routes to these grass pathways, which you can inquire with our Ambassador teams about.  


See the program map for accessible parking and unloading spots that we provide: further downtown accessible parking can be found at

Please note that Lorne Street will be closed to traffic from August 6th until August 12th in order to accommodate RFF operations.

In 2019, due to construction, the Accessible Parking Spots that are usually in front of the Regina Public Library will be moved to the north side of 12th Avenue.  The first four spots at Lorne Street and 12th Avenue will be designated Accessible Parking.  City-designated spots all require an official blue wheelchair parking pass.

During the festival, at the South-East corner of Victoria Park, RFF provides two additional accessible parking spots and two additional accessibility unloading spots.


We provide non-gendered portapotties including larger ones that are more accessible. The access-friendly portable toilets that are on site have inside dimensions of 58”x 58”. The doors on these units swing out and to the left. 

The Regina Public Library and the Cornwall Centre can accommodate some of the needs that these portable toilets cannot (for instance, their washrooms are big enough to include support people and larger wheelchairs). If you would like accompaniment to either of these locations, a member of our Ambassador team will be happy to guide you.   

The Regina Public Library: 

  • Corner of Lorne & 12th Avenue; take the wheelchair lift to the bottom floor
  • Friday 9:30am-6pm; Saturday 9:30am-9pm; Sunday 12-5pm

Cornwall Centre:

  • 11th Avenue & Cornwall Street
  • Friday 9:30am-9pm; Saturday 9:30am-9pm; Sunday 9:30am-6pm


The RFF endeavours to have clear and large-print signage for navigating the festival site and for important information like Emergency Exits, Washrooms and Drinking Water.  

We also have enlarged schedules available at the Info Booth for folks that need to see things in a bigger font. Sunlit Stage schedules are posted in large format next to each stage. If you need further assistance, ambassador volunteers at the Info Booth will be happy to help.  

The CNIB Foundation has set up GPS points of interest and navigational markers throughout Victoria Park/City Square Plaza which locate pathways, says where paths lead, locate obstacles and play areas, etc. through an app called BlindSquare. The technology reads information to the user such as area navigation points that are subject to change for activities such as the Farmers Market and the outdoor concerts, etc. Patrons can download the free "BlindSqaure Event" app on their iOS devices and search for CNIB Regina to have free access to this technology while in the downtown area. 



If you find the music too loud or are worried about hearing loss, the RFF provides earplugs at the First Aid, Event Patrol and Info Booth tents. Currently, the RFF does not have ASL translators for stages. This is something that we are looking at for future festivals.


Should you require a break from the crowds and the music, the Regina Public Library has a Quiet Room that is open to any to use during hours they are open. We know how stimulating the festival site can be and are actively looking into ways that we can provide more calm experiences within the festival. Stay tuned in future years!  



Should the need arise for the festival to be evacuated, we encourage patrons with mobility issues to head to the Harvard Tower 2 (east tower on Scarth Street), Regina Public Library, or Cornwall Centre for easy-to-reach shelter. Our Ambassador and Event Patrol teams will prioritize assisting those who need extra help evacuating, while our Site crew will actively be enabling clear pathways for quickest exiting. Paratransit will be doing pick-ups following an emergency evacuation at the Harvard Tower 2. 



The heart of the Regina Folk Festival is its volunteers - and there is a job for everyone! If you would like to get involved - and receive benefits like free entry into the festival Main Stage - we would love to have you. Fill out the volunteer form on our website or email our volunteer manager with any questions. 



Our volunteers are always ready to assist anyone who may need extra help! Feel free to ask any of them (especially our Ambassador team) if you need a little added support to make your festival experience more festive. If you get into a bind and need quick help, please call our info line at 306-757-0308.

We always want to get better – please feel free to give us feedback so that we can ease your experience at the RFF.