Stephen is a a performer, theatre creator, poet, dancer, performance artist,

painter,musician, and all at once. They were born in Toronto, and raised in foster care in Richmond Hill. (At 24 they were adopted by their foster family). Stephen has worked in several institutional settings,such as the Shaw Festival, Arts Club and Canadian

Stage and is now immersing themself in creation and collaboration beyond institutional walls. Stephen is curious about exploring the inherent power in people, the relationships between us and the unknowns within. They seek to create work that activates the

soul and takes us into a world of imagination. Like Willy Wonka. In addition to being the poet with the Queer Songbook Orchestra, Stephen is part of Saga Collectif who created the hit show Black Boys that toured across Canada. Currently, Stephen is working

on a poetic collage dreamscape performance called Die Phantasie. A piece exploring their transcendent sexual and spiritual liberation experienced in Berlin, as well as dealing with a death in the family at the same time and holding those two explosive emotions

within one human body. Stephen is a wandering Fool and a Pisces.

Regina Folk Festival 2020. Be there.