Like a wind blowing on the prairies, to get heard from the basement of the Canadian Shield to the doors of the Pacific Ocean, the Saskatoon trio Ponteix delivers space rock gems, shaped with psychedelic surges and an electronic approach. Born from multi-instrumentist Mario Lepage's trial and errors, Ponteix's songs exist beyond time and space. Instead, jours deviennent ├ęternit├ęs where the band creates a blueprint to groove with prototypical rhythms. The linguistic and geographical boundaries do not exist within the band who borrowed their name from a French village in the middle of their home province. After leaving strong impressions at heavyweight French music contest: Les Francouvertes (2016), Ponteix released their debut EP, J'Orage. With the precision of a postcard picture and the dreamy aspect of a message written on the other side, the four songs of the album share the same guideline in French and English. Ever since, the trio is recognized by music critics in Canada's two official languages, who note both their strong melodic work and their risk-taking tour de force songs. Ponteix is a state of mind beyond physical landmarks, to explore instead the deep space which exists between the precision of their technic and the intensity in which it is delivered.

Regina Folk Festival 2018. Be there.