Megan and Jenna Nash

When you grow up in the ‘90s on a little farm between a village and a hamlet, the world tends to move at a different pace. You ride the school bus with your discman in hand, do your chores when you get home, which normally involve a five gallon pail, and try to watch whichever of the three channels was the least fuzzy in the evening before bed. This upbringing lends itself to an entrepreneurial spirit in the fun department, at least if you are the Nash sisters. It was on that little farm that Jenna and Megan Nash discovered their love of music through the compact disc collections of their parents and the dusty VHS tapes of musicals made decades before the Nash sisters were even thought of.

Move forward a couple decades, and Jenna Nash is now a classically trained vocalist, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, and choir director. Megan Nash is a Juno nominated songwriter who has been described by CBC Radio One’s Tom Allen as having “a powerful voice and an authoritative style.” Together they share songs and stories about their experiences with an undeniable chemistry, Jenna adding beautiful harmonies to Megan's carefully crafted songs.

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