Kiera Dall'Osto

It’s been a long time coming for Kiera Dall’Osto. Not only in reference to her debut album, but also this biography. Self-promotion has always been a difficult thing for her, but with the backing of those who know the magnetism of her voice and depth of her song writing, and having assembled an all-star band, even Kiera’s own insecurities can’t hold this thing back. Her voice is often compared to the rugged, under-appreciated Karen Dalton, with the achiness of country soul sisters Jeanie C. Riley and Sammi Smith. The hot-shot band she has assembled for her debut album draws comparison to the melancholia of Magnolia Electric Co. and the rhythmic chug of Fairport Convention. No matter what genre you settle on, the sounds of Kiera’s songs are sure to linger like the cold air hangs in a long Saskatchewan winter.

Born in the tropics of Australia, Kiera cut her musical teeth as a child singing the country music festival circuit in rural Queensland. While high school saw a divergence from her love of roots music, the spark was reignited when she was introduced to the traditional Acadian and Celtic sounds upon moving to the east coast of Canada at the age of 18. It was in Moncton, New Brunswick that her song writing began to reflect a deeper side of self and, as she puts it, “life got a bit tough”. These experiences cultivated songs of deep hurt and misunderstandings and fuelled her decision to pack up and move far away to Saskatoon, a place she now considers home.

Upon hitting the music scene in Saskatoon, Kiera was quickly recruited by the vocal group Rosie & the Riveters. With the Riveters, Kiera thrived vocally and contributed to the groups initial success. However, when the band started pulling in one direction, Kiera found herself yearning for another and wanted out. In 2012 Kiera left the group and took some time to consider the true value of creating music that agreed with the authentic nature of her own song writing and influences. In the fall of 2013 Kiera began to consider a solo career when her future husband brought over his drums. Songs that were collecting dust began to evolve into the album we have today.

The fall of 2015 had Kiera living in East Nashville with friend and fellow Saskatchewan musician Eliza Mary Doyle. The girls were inspired by gracious Nashville locals Memiss Jones and the Rische sisters and together played some regular honky-tonk gigs at such Nashville hot spots as Layla’s on Broadway and the American Legion No. 82. It was also in Nashville that Kiera began recording with the great Greg Garing, considered royalty in the Nashville scene. While Kiera hopes to revisit this project at some point, recording hit a road-block. It was a phone call with close friends and folk darlings Kacy & Clayton that convinced her it was time to record an album proper, and the best place to do it was back in Saskatchewan with her incredibly talented friends.

Produced by Kacy and Clayton at Ghetto Box Studios during the only cold week of January 2016, Kiera began to feel like it truly was worth the wait. The band, consisting of Kacy and Clayton and Lucas Goetz (Deep Dark Woods) brought the level to her songs that had previously only danced around in her head. After years of finding reasons to say “no” to releasing her music, Kiera had no choice but to say “yes.” The culmination of years of song writing, pinpointing this album to a genre is no easy task. Whether one settles on honky-tonk, Americana, soulful psychadelia, or just straight up Rock’n’Roll, what is not up for debate is Kiera’s ability as a songwriter, the wintery bite of her voice, or the breadth of talent and musical knowledge

Regina Folk Festival 2018. Be there.