Folle Avoine, the singing Campagne family from Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan, will be at the Regina Folk Festival this year! Known for their “genetic blend” harmonies and the incredible synergy they create on stage, they also host the annual TerreFerme FarmFest Festival that happens on their organic farm near Willow Bunch. The translation for Folle Avoine is “wild oats” and those long roots have sustained them throughout their whole lives. Prolific singers and composers in French as well as English, they have represented their community, their province and their country at Francophonie Summits and festivals all over the world for the past 30 years. An afternoon workshop featuring the next generation of Campagne’s, including sister-in-law Connie Kaldor and nephews Gabriel and Aleksi, will prove that some families really are “totally in synch” with each other and their audience.

Regina Folk Festival 2020. Stay home.