Regina Folk Festival Inc. (RFF) is a non-profit that throws some wonderful events throughout the year. First and foremost, there is the Festival itself! Held annually in Victoria Park on the weekend following the long weekend in August, the Festival is a much anticipated and immense celebration of music and community.

Aside from this much-loved star of the organization, the RFF also runs the Regina Folk Festival Concert Series from September to June each year. With well-known acts alongside ones you may not know yet, rest assured the curation of this series is sublime.

Running concurrently with the Concert Series is the Outreach Program. Several times each year, the RFF will bring artists from the Concert Series into rural elementary schools to do workshops with students and small concerts. It’s a lovely, interactive experience for those who often don’t have very comprehensive arts programming!

In all this, the RFF contributes culturally and economically to the city of Regina and the province of Saskatchewan. Giving great footing to this work is the belief that live performance:

  • Is an important form of communication
  • Joins us together
  • Creates an individual and collective voice
  • Is part of the cultural mosaic of Regina and Saskatchewan
  • Is a forum for positive artistic, social and cultural development